Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday minutiae

Why do the side effects of antibiotics often sound more dire than the conditions for which they are prescribed? At any rate, I managed to navigate the telephone triage system at the doctor's office, who then faxes a prescription order to Walgreens, who in turn e-mailed me to let me know when it was ready. The wonders of modern communication. This could all be accomplished without an office visit only because I have a ten year relationship with my doctor and he trusts me on sinus-related things, but still - pretty cool.

It is of course sleeting at the moment. Big, hard, nasty bits of ice falling from the sky. Since I was going through the drive through, I didn't bother with tennis shoes - just ran out in flip flops. Not smart. By Friday, it will be sunny and sixty degrees. Is it no wonder I've got a sinus infection, with the weather changing rather drastically every few days?

A young friend stopped by unexpectedly late this afternoon, and stayed a bit to talk. As it happened, there was something rather delicate I needed to talk to her about that I had been putting off. Funny how God doesn't let you ignore those things forever. Anyway, it's done and off my mind.

A little bit of quilting did get done this weekend - some cutting and some sewing on Holly and Chad's wedding quilt. (I've already described it to Holly - at her request, so I'm not spoiling anything here). I think I have a dozen blocks done, of the 63 I need.

The bride asked for purple and green; the quilt, however, needed at least one more color to work. In the six block sample above, the alternate color is yellow, but in the rest of the blocks will be a deep red, deep blue or turquoise in the place of the yellow in these blocks. You need to imagine a line of black leading between each block, as well.

This is the best part of the quiltmaking process for me - the point just before you really can see what the finished product will look like.

Too much to do, too little time. I've rather avoided the news over the weekend, though I'm glad to see the Navy SEALS kicked some pirate butt.

Lots of work to do in the next month or so, not much planned for fun. I seem to have lost the last few months, not sure why. I blink and six weeks have gone by. Is this a sign of growing older? Not sure.

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