Thursday, April 09, 2009

1. Today isn't a whole lot better than yesterday. The urge toward physical violence, however, has ebbed.


2. The morning study wants to continue in Revelation. The only one who doesn't, apparently, is me. Since I'm the one leading it, you would think I'd get a vote. The reasons I don't want to continue have nothing to do with the prep time involved (already did all that for the evening group - this is just a second use of all the studying) but has everything to do with problems I can foresee with using this particular material in this particular group. This is going to take much prayer - I cannot see continuing with the inner strife I feel over this for the six months it will take to complete the study.

3. The good news is that as it is the day before a holiday, the boss has given the ok for our usual holiday treat - the ability to leave an hour early. The bad news is that I have a meeting this afternoon that will most likely last until almost my usual quitting time. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't know this meeting is going to be a waste of time (never, ever, EVER try to design the appearance of a report by consensus: it does not work).

4. On Monday I ordered contact lenses. Since I had the cash at the time, I paid for them in full, as our flexible benefits provider is very quick about turning the reimbursements around. Faxing the request in at 7 a.m. Tuesday, I would usually have the funds in my bank account Thursday or Friday.

Not this week, apparently. I called EBC this morning, as my on-line record doesn't even yet indicate they have entered my info for processing. I am NOT HAPPY, as the total reimbursement not only includes some items from last month that I'd not yet submitted, but the amount represents the total amount of my discretionary funds for the month of April. As in funds for everything except rent, utilities, car payment and insurance. Did I mention I'm NOT HAPPY at having to wait until Monday for MY MONEY?

5. If things work the way I'd like, I may actually be able to sew a bit this weekend - the first time since Christmas. This has been the longest dry patch in several years. At last Saturday's craft day I cut out the basic squares for a scrap quilt; I'd like to be able to work on that. It will, however, mean a trip to the quilt store (assuming I have any cash) to pick up the one fabric I'm fairly sure I don't have in my stash. As it happens, I really can't do much more on this particular quilt unless I pick up that fabric.

Darn - a forced trip to a quilt store!

6. The current Rosetta French unit is on "who", "which", "where". Am I a bad person to laugh every time the software says, "Where is the boy? The boy is under the table."? This is the final lesson in unit one - Yay! almost one tenth of the way there. Perhaps I'll write a story post using the vocabulary learned so far - men/women/young women/little girls/little boys/children who are walking/jumping/sitting/eating/drinking/falling/swimming with strawberries/bread/meat/cheese/tomatoes/bananas out of baskets/cases/bushels while wearing red/yellow/blue/purple/green/pink/black/white shirts/pants/skirts/bathing suits/dresses/raincoats/regular coats.

Guess my vocabulary is bigger than I thought.

I'm still a bit self-conscious about actually using what I know, in spite of the fact that my accent seems to be pretty good. I have noticed, though, that if I try to use the Spanish I remember, it now comes out with a distinct French accent.

7. Back to the eye doctor visit - my eye guy is trying to qualify for the Ironman triathlon. If he does, it will be his third time in the event. After not running competitively for about ten years, he did both the half and full marathons at Disney a bit ago and enjoyed it so much he decided to go this route again. The man is nuts. He's also only nine months younger than I.

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