Friday, February 13, 2009

7 quick takes 021309

1. I took today off at the last minute, for no real reason except lack of enthusiasm - about anything. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the garbage truck is outside and I need to go to the grocery store. Almost all the prep for the Silpada party tonight was done last night; today really is just a day to enjoy.

2. A friend is coming over for a craft morning tomorrow. Since the sewing room is currently buried, I've found something else to work on (pictures later). Later in the weekend I may try to unbury the room - haven't done any quilting since before Christmas.

3. The Revelation study is going well - I really will try to post some things as we go along. It looks as if the entire (huge) group will be sticking around for the whole study; I don't expect any appreciable attrition. It helps that you don't actually reach the prophecy stuff until lesson four - keeps people coming back.

4. It came up in conversation in another group that a large evangelical church in the area is also offering a study in Revelation this spring - but they only cover the first three chapters (messages to the churches). They only go so far because the church position is one of amillennialism. It is an unfortunate truth in the evangelical community that a number of churches have fallen into this doctrine; of the different views, it is one of the least defensible from scripture.

5. Snow tonight. After breaking a 140 year old record Tuesday by reaching 59 degrees. The good news is that most of the snow on the lawns and the streets is gone, and the snow we are likely to get is less than 2" - barely an inconvenience for hardy Wisconsinites. Still, the warm weather served to get our hopes up -spring will indeed come.

6. Speaking of spring, I may try a small container garden this year. Small as in one or two containers. The issue I have is one of light; the pots will go on the front porch, which does not receive direct sun until rather late in the afternoon (western exposure, shadow of the house to the south on the porch for most of the day. For you gardeners out there - what does well in mostly shade?

7. Coffee is done. I started it several hours ago, but realized I didn't' completely press the "on" button....that's a really good metaphor for my life at the moment. Good intentions, good preparation, and somehow, something gets fouled up. I did remember to put the coffee in the filter, at least.

Didn't I?

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