Monday, January 05, 2009


Thanks to Grace, here are pictures of the infamous cape.

Back view of hood, showing the white satin lining. The pattern called for the hood lining to be made of the outer (red velvet) fabric. It looks much better in the satin, if I do say so.

A bit more of the front view. Loop and velvet covered button closure at the neckline - the rest is open. The marabou on the hood is actually two boas, twisted around one another and hand tacked on. One simply wasn't fluffy enough.

Oh yes - the beautiful young woman wearing the cape is Renae (whose wedding dress had red trim - you can just see a bit of it in the front shot - a wider waistband that came up to give the dress almost an empire waist) and the handsome young man in the grey waistcoat next to her is her husband, Joel.

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