Saturday, January 17, 2009


My apologies to anyone who's been hanging around for the last hour or so - I got the urge to tinker a bit.

That's the kind of day it's been. I went out early, then was joined by a friend for coffee. Afterwards, I stuck around at the coffee shop to read for a bit. A trip to Target was next on the agenda, but I didn't get any further than the parking lot. Good heavens, you would think it's been so cold this week that everyone had run out of supplies and needed to restock, or simply had a case of cabin fever and had to get out.

Oh, yeah - it's been that cold.

The parking lot was jammed up with people who had no clue where they were going, though they were alternately speeding down the lanes to get there and stopping in the middle of the lane for no good reason. It simply didn't bode well for the traffic indoors nor my limited patience, so I left.

That puts the trip on tomorrow's to-do list, as there are things I really truly need. Considering that I usually make the Target run on the first of the month, I'm pretty impressed that I've held out this long.

This is a long weekend, which means a few small projects are sitting here calling out to me. Last spring I read Marcia Ramsland's Simplify Your Time. While there are a few things from the book I was already doing, and a couple new things I've put into practice, there is one more project I'd like to complete related to an idea in the book. That, I think, will be for tomorrow afternoon. Monday it will be off to the fabric store for ribbon for a different project.

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