Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Record setting

We love records. How many millions of us tuned in during the Summer Olympics to see Michael Phelps win his record setting eight gold medals? We look on in awe as four point three million dominoes are precisely placed, breaking nine world records as they fall. Last winter Milwaukee set a new record seasonal snowfall at the airport.

Some record setting, however, we could do without. Not to continue to whine about the weather (at the risk of repeating myself, Wisconsin's weather motto: If you don't like our weather, stick around for a couple of days!), but the low overnight tonight may break the current record low. That record? Sixteen below zero. Wind chills in the minus thirty-plus range.

I have a feeling our ladies Bible study won't be meeting tomorrow morning. Half of the women are retired, and would not need to go out so ridiculously early in sub-zero temperatures if we cancel. I'm almost serious myself in considering a vacation day. Since I still have to go out - if only to move the car to the other side of the street for the night (which, in cold weather, takes about half an hour, as you can't just start the car and pull over to the other side - you need to warm it up, drive around a bit and then park it, if you want it to start again for you the next morning), I probably will go in.

The poor folks in Alaska have it much worse - this has been going on for quite a stretch for them, but they seem to be making the best of it. Obviously, it takes a special breed of people to live up there.

I'm not one of them.

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