Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crazy people

As I turned onto the Sixth Street viaduct this morning, I could see what appeared to be someone walking in the curb lane ahead of me a block or so. Stupid people - the sidewalk is clear of snow, so there is no need to walk in the road and risk being run over.

Soon I realized this wasn't a walker - this lunatic was riding a bike.

To recap the conditions: Overcast skies, light snow falling, sun barely up. Temperature roughly four degrees, windchill around minus ten.

The effort needed to keep the bike moving through the snow (not to mention upright, given the thin layer of ice under the snow) probably kept him warmish, but what on earth possessed him (I'm assuming it was a man, as a woman would have more sense; he/she was too bundled up to determine sex) to even attempt this?

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