Thursday, January 08, 2009

Anatomy of a birthday

All in all, considering this is the day I begin sliding down the far side of the great hill of life, it's been a very nice day. The very first birthday greeting to arrive in my in box was from my auto dealership. What can I say - they do mass mailings and it arrived at 12:31 a.m.

At least it's better than the one from Borders (12:36 a.m.) that I was feared was a birthday wish - the subject line read "limited time coupon". I was afraid they knew something I didn't.

Truly, between Facebook shout-outs, e-cards, e-mails and posted comments, I feel very well congratulated.

The day began early, as it is our regular Bible study morning. Our waitress, Patrice, overheard the others wishing me well, and came out with a very colorful slice of cake, complete with candle! A truly happy birthday begins with eating cake with breakfast (as Sarah and her family well know!).

I took the obligatory treat in to work yesterday, as I had the bright idea of taking frozen custard and knew it would melt if I tried to take it to Bible study, then to work today. Everyone seemed to like it, and I didn't have to bake. Yay!

Grace already gave me a little surprise party on New Year's, and another friend is taking me out Saturday - tonight is nice and quiet, which is fine with me. Another storm is blowing through tomorrow - they don't know for sure if we will get six inches or eleven - so I'm cooking up a storm in case I get snowed in.


To the possibility of being snowed in, that is - the city is pretty good about getting us out. I am, however, cooking. Cheesy scalloped potatoes to go along with hamburgers tomorrow night, and a chicken and cheese quiche for lunch tomorrow and assorted breakfasts. Actually, with both dishes and the pound of hamburger, I won't have to do much but reheat all weekend.

When the actual eleven p.m. time of my birth rolls around, I intend to have been asleep for at least a couple of hours. Please note that early bedtimes have been my habit for years. It's not because I'm old now.

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