Friday, November 09, 2018

Thankful for home

I've really fallen behind here. Today isn't exactly a catch up, either, except in a very tangential way.

Our first measurable snow fell overnight, or rather, is still falling a bit. The forecast says an inch, maybe up to two. The trees are gorgeous, each branch picked out in snow, with snow even clinging a bit to the trunks. Positively lovely.

Measurable snow means pulling out the winter dishes for the first time this season. Aside from being pretty, they serve a practical purpose. The lip on the winter plates is fairly substantial, so the liquid from various winter stews and braises, pot roasts and mashed potatoes swimming in gravy won't just run off the edge of the plate.

The winter mugs are favorites, as they are lightweight (the set is porcelain, not stoneware) with a nice, large capacity. Hot chocolate is my favorite thing to put in them.

Which finally brings us to "home", today's thankful theme. While it has its quirks, is difficult to evenly heat and cool, is a lot of space to clean and is often less organized than I'd prefer, I really am thankful for my home.

First, for the blessing of being able to even afford a home of my own. So many in this world cannot, and here I am, wandering around in 1600 square feet all alone.God has blessed me mightily in giving me the resources to afford this condo.

Second, for the sanctuary it provides. I am truly an introvert; I need time and space away from people in order to recharge so I can be with people again. Home provides that. It also provides places to sleep, cook, create, write, sing, dance and wallow in front of the fire with some sort of beverage and a book.

I am very thankful for the fireplace (which is one of the quirkier elements of the condo).

Third, for the opportunity to open my home to others, in the hope it can be a place of rest and relaxation for them. It's been a while since I've "entertained" formally, though a few people have come over for coffee. The goal is always to make people feel comfortable, valued  and happy. I don't want people to feel obligated to return the hospitality - there really is no need for that.

It's going to stay cold for the next few days, though not cold enough for the snow to stick around. I'm already planning several sessions in front of the fire, sewing or reading or even just dozing. Simply enjoying the feeling of being home.

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