Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day One

Thanks to vacation beginning on a Thursday, I'm already totally confused as to what day it is. It truly felt like a Saturday this morning; I was convinced yesterday was Friday.

This first two days - the two extra days I didn't realize I hadn't yet used (vacation resets on 7/1 - use it before then or lose what you don't) - I've deliberately packed with things that need to be done, rather than vacation-type things. That's not to say they aren't necessarily fun, but are simply things that would get done whether or not I was on vacation.

Hair appointment this morning. The plan included getting up at my normal before dawn time, unloading the dishwasher, getting a jump on the picking up and sorting I need to do before tomorrow.

Yeah, right. First day of vacation, remember?

I slept in - until six, which sounds early to lots of people, but is a full two hours later than usual. Heaven. Picked up breakfast on the way to the hair place.

The day has rather gone downhill, plan-wise, since then. Didn't start the picking up until a couple of hours ago, and have been doing it while trying to watch a new-to-me series on the computer. There really isn't much more than a couple more hours, which can be split between tonight and early tomorrow morning. The in-depth sorting of clothes and things from the bedroom can be done over the rest of the week.

You see, the schedule for tomorrow is a bit crowded:

9 - 11 a.m. - grocery delivery
11:30 - 1:30 - new bed delivery
12:00 - 2:00 - air conditioner maintenance call
Evening sometime - friends pick up the old bedroom set

I'm a bit frazzled just typing it out.

The "new bed" is a bit misleading, as it is just a frame, box spring and mattress. I still haven't found anything I really like. The concept has changed, too. I can use the armoire I currently store quilts in in place of the dresser once I declutter the clothes a bit. I need a table of sorts to put the jewelry case and a small lamp on. No need to replace the dresser and chest of drawers I'm giving away. As for a headboard, eh, I can look around at antique stores until I find something that catches my fancy. Until then, I can do the "cool" thing and hang a large quilt in the spot a headboard normally would be.

Pictures eventually. One of the fun things on the list for the week is finally hanging the bedroom curtains I bought a couple of months ago, and the valance I've made.

If I can get to it, watch this space as well for quilted things I want to sell. In spite of giving away so many quilts, I have a nice stack of runners, wall hangings and various other pieces, which don't really fit in the new condo. If I can get them sorted out, I'll post pics and prices by the end of next week.


melissa said...

I think you need one vacation day without a plan. :) And your tomorrow sounds way too full. A treat is in order.

Diane said...

I realized (when I woke up at 1:30) one more thing that has to be done tomorrow.

The object of cramming everything into one day is to have the other nine days without these kinds of plans :). Of course, I may be laid out dead after the events of today, but at least I'll have the time to be dead, right?