Thursday, October 09, 2014

31 Days- of nothing

Here it's been, almost a week since I've posted. Sorry folks, I seem to be in a dryer-than-an-all-gin-martini dry spell. Well, there are other factors going into things as well. So, I'm not sure I'll finish out the month.

At least I can share a bit about the recent grocery order. It's a bit squash-heavy: a butternut, two acorns and a pie pumpkin, to be exact. The pie pumpkin is the cutest little thing I've ever seen, not much bigger than a slightly overgrown softball. The acorns aren't much bigger.

The pie pumpkin will be roasted and the innards used for soup, and perhaps bread if there is enough left. The rest of the squash will most likely be roasted, though I may try out a soup with the butternut. I picked up some leeks as well, mostly for the soup (with either potatoes or butternut squash).

Mushrooms, grape tomatoes (for snacking on), celery, macintosh and honey crisp apples round out the produce section of the order. You can tell I didn't have a list of recipes in mind from which to shop. The honey crisps are for eating as they are. I've some vague idea of making small apple crisps as I want them from the macintosh apples, though I may just eat them as well. I go through a load of apples a month, as I have one in my lunch pretty much every day. Two three pound bags generally covers it, unless the apples are huge.

Cake mixes were on sale, so I bought a spice cake mix. I've a book of nothing but cupcake recipes, most of which begin with a cake mix that you then alter a bit. Caramel spice cupcakes, anyone? Though I didn't buy any caramels - they are only melted with some butter to use as the frosting.

Time to stock up on some staples as well. Grey poupon, country style. Grated Parmesan/Romano. Coffee. Triscuits. Milk and a small plain yogurt to act as a starter.

Missing from the order: canned mushrooms. Eh, I did remember to buy fresh.


melissa said...

So, you got a cute pumpkin. Those pie pumpkins 'are' adorable. Do you think the folks who fill your food order actually take care than you're pleased? Must be curious to receive food you've not personally pinched and sniffed. You have to trust their pinching and sniffing techniques.

Seems to be working. :)

Diane said...

I'm not sure. I do know the produce is generally pretty good, in some cases better than if I had tried to pick it out myself. The only issue I've had is occasional over chilling of refrigerated produce - they use dry ice to keep it cold, which is fine in summer, but sometimes overkill in the spring and fall.