Wednesday, October 01, 2014

31 Days, more or less

Last year, if you remember, I rather loosely and lazily participated in the 31 Days October challenge by posting pictures of quilts I've made. I say lazily, since all I really had to do was upload the pictures and brain dump the things I remembered about each.

This year, I realized my initial plan (on line Bible study) simply would not happen - too much else going on. A friend said she really enjoyed when I blathered on about food (that happens much more often on my Facebook page, so if you only read here, you are spared most of that). Eh, a girl has to eat, right?

This next thirty-one days, or as many as I can manage, will be full of posts about food stuff. Not foodstuffs, which is something else entirely. No, stuff about food. This can range from new recipes to lists of the contents of my freezer at any given point in time, from pictures of dinner to a real life shot of the pans stacked in the sink awaiting the magic dish washing fairy. In other words, it will be very, very real. Some things to note:

1. My posts are indicative solely of my personal experience. Your milage, number of servings, ingredient substitutions and cooking styles may differ.

2. Unless I'm entertaining, I'm generally cooking for one. So when you see a picture of a $15 per pound steak I've made for dinner, know that the portion size is under six ounces, and I only had to make one, so don't yell at me about how what I'm cooking isn't doable for "normal" cooks (not that I'm claiming to be "normal", whatever the heck that is). Also, if you take a recipe I've posted for two servings and upsize it to feed your family of ten, don't hold me accountable for the results. Seasonings don't always get adjusted proportionately to the rest of the ingredients.

3. The goal of cooking is to get a tasty meal on the table so that it is at optimal temperature for maximum flavor. I like my meals hot, not lukewarm after I've spent ten minutes or more playing "food stylist" so I can get a good picture. Things can get a bit...messy. Deal with it.

4. All good gifts come down from our Heavenly Father, and that most especially includes food. He could have provided nourishment in the form of a simple, one-size-fits-all plant (or something like the infamous manna), but instead gave us an almost overwhelming variety of possible menu items. We have so very much to inspire our gratitude.

Not terribly well organized, not really thought out, sort of spur-of-the-moment, stream of consciousness rambling about food.

Starting tomorrow, as this post qualifies for day one.

Look at the nifty button! I made that, in about ten minutes, with my eyes already drooping and my brain halfway to dreamland. I'll get better with practice. If I ever get time to practice. Meanwhile, offer me a bit of encouragement.

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Leann Richardson said...

Nifty button, indeed! I love food chatter... I am excited to see what you share along the way! :)