Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sigh. Day off.

I have today and Friday off as vacation days (there is a method to my madness). Since I got up this morning - a whopping fifteen minutes later than I would on a normal weekday - I may or may not have:

-Picked up the bedroom and made the bed.
-Picked up the upstairs bath and done a quick counter-mirror-shelf wipedown
-Browned ground turkey, chopped carrots and onions and got everything in the crock pot for soup, turned on by 6:30 a.m.
-Picked up the living room, did a light vacuum.
-Put away one strainer of dishes, washed the few hand wash dishes remaining.
-Loaded the dishwasher with everything else - still not quite full, so didn't run it.
-Cleaned the downstairs bathroom.
-Put away everything on the dining room table, wiped it down.
-Put all the tools in clear plastic toolboxes (they've been living in a basket in the dining room, well, at least half a dozen screwdrivers, the allen wrench set, a hammer and three or four boxes of assorted screws, nails and hangers - it's much nicer to have them in boxes).
-Picked up a bit in the sewing's a start.
-Entertained my aunt and cousin for lunch and a tour of the condo.
-Cleaned up after lunch, finished loading the dishwasher and ran it.
-Opened up a couple of boxes from Amazon. Put the batteries in the cool, light-and-motion sensor lights. Tested it in the (already at four p.m.) dark kitchen.
-Dealt with the cardboard from the order.
-Came upstairs...while watching two episodes of Extant, polished all my jewelry. My hands hurt.

In between all this, I managed to watch about five episodes of Julia Child's The French Chef. Now I want to make croissants.

Back to work for tomorrow, then craft day at my place Friday. Another quick clean Thursday night, then I'll make ham and potato soup Friday morning for lunch for craft day.


I'm planning to take several naps.

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