Friday, August 22, 2014

Round two

Friends coming for lunch and craft day. Well, one friend for both. The other called to say she had set up some informational interviews for today, so could not come to craft, but her early afternoon interview is on my side of town, and she knew that when company comes I tend to fix something yummy... she is dropping in just for lunch.

I'm flattered, and she made me laugh.

At the grocery when it opened at seven. The other friend is bringing the tomatoes from her garden for the tomato tart, but I realized just before drifting off last night that I had NO onion in the house. Horrors. Plus, if I went to the grocers, I could pick up premade pie crust instead of making my own.

Then home, for breakfast and chopping. Onions, potatoes, ham, celery. Start the soup. Cook the onions for the tart. Grate two types of cheese, one for the tart (swiss) and one to put on the soup (cheddar). Unfold the pie crust into the pan. Top with (cooled) onions and cheese. Refrigerate until the tomatoes get here.

First part of soup is done. Make really, really thick white sauce to pour in and thicken soup. Soup is done.

Preheat oven.

Now, sit and wait for people to arrive.

Poor Renae won't get any tart; her interview is at one, the tart cooks for an hour, and unless Pam gets here with the tomatoes in the next five minutes, it won't be done in time for her to have a piece. Then again, she can stop back in after her interview and pick some up to take home.

It's actually been a relaxing morning, in spite of all that's been done. The house, thanks to prep for Wednesday's luncheon, is clean. I've washed the various pots and pans as I've gone, so even the kitchen is in good shape.

I am, however, tired.

Do you think I could chose "nap" as my craft?

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