Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why yes, it is rather nice here

Someone on Facebook linked to a rather nice article about Milwaukee. The "small town feel" with "big city amenities" is something we hear fairly often.

The picture gallery at the end is worth clicking through. It highlights a number of downtown/near downtown attractions - the old Pabst Brewery complex, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Harley Davidson Museum, the Public Market, Summerfest and our gorgeous (if slightly chilly) Lake Michigan shoreline.

All in Milwaukee is not cheese curds, beach volleyball and beer, however. Within a ten mile radius or so is our spectacular Zoo, Miller Park (and Miller Brewing - take the tour!), the Jelly Belly factory (tours!), the State Fair grounds (the Fair, craft shows, builders' shows, sports shows, auto races) as well as our extensive and well maintained county park system.

The Milwaukee Bucks are under new ownership, with everyone looking forward to changes to come. The Brewers are (well, were...) on fire this year. We've a wonderful symphony, great ballet company and more theatre companies than just about any other city our size. There are several monthly art gallery nights.

Thanks to the local culture that values ethnic heritage while remaining uniquely Milwaukee, on any given night you can check out restaurants featuring Ethiopian, Turkish, Serbian, Mexican, Central American, Polish, German, Italian, Irish and soooo many other dishes.

After all that, you can stop at Leons or Kopps for delicious Wisconsin custard for dessert. Trust me, frozen custard is sooo much better than simple ice cream.

Work off all that deliciousness on the miles of bike trails, or in a bowling or volleyball league. For a slower pace, check out the bocce ball at the Italian Community Center.

Can you tell I like it here?

We tend to get overlooked, as the city with wide shoulders to our south horns in to take over the limelight.

Can't say we mind that much.


tpsaye said...


We're going to the Nats/Brewers series opener tomorrow night down here in Dee Cee. I hope you don't mind that I'll be rooting for your wide-shouldered team to get crushed. ; )


Diane said...

Go easy(ish) on us. Can't tell if this is the start of the traditional late season slump, or if it's just a minor hiccup. Hopefully, they'll figure it out before the end of September.

It should be a good series- both teams are first in their respective divisions? I may have to take in a game this year. My niece is quite the fan; maybe I can catch her in her week break between college classes.

tpsaye said...

Just to update, you guys beat us 4-2. Oh, well.

A very intoxicated but very friendly fellah from Milwaukee sat in front of us and spent most of the game asking me trivia questions over his shoulder and accidentally sticking his elbow in my beer.

He did compliment me on how much my girls seemed to know about baseball, but the family has been teasing me ever since about my new-found friend.

Diane said...

I had heard the score but didn't want to rub it in :)

Sigh. You really can't take us anywhere. Please tell me it wasn't one of our elected representatives...