Saturday, July 05, 2014

Home repair fail

After thinking about it forever, as well as having a new pull sitting on my desk for a year, I finally dragged the ladder out to put a longer chain on the bedroom ceiling fan.

That would be the very tall, Little Giant Ladder.

That would be the very, very high up ceiling fan.

When I moved in two and a half years ago, I saw that there was no chain on the ceiling fan in the bedroom. Since I already had a fan on a stand, climbing up to put on a longer chain wasn't a priority. A year or so ago a pretty pull caught my eye, so I bought it. But there was no hurry in putting it on.

Well, today I finally dragged the ladder out. Armed with a long handled Swiffer duster, the bag holding the long chain and pull between my teeth, I (carefully) swarmed up the ladder to do the repair.

Ugh - the tops of the blades and the top of the motor unit were caked in dust. Dust clumps, that in spite of the clingy-ness of the duster, landed, in large part, on me or the bed below. Drat. Dusting complete, I dropped the duster to the floor, then reached up (yeah...I was on the second to the top rung of the six seven foot configuration of the ladder, and still had to reach well over my head) and carefully slipped the end of the little ball chain into the waiting connector.

Extension chain firmly attached, I gave it a pull.


Another pull, in case it was a multi-speed fan.


One more...


I knew when I moved in that this was a possibility. The chain was this short when the inspector did his thing, and he obviously didn't bother climbing up to check it out. When I get around to having fans put in for the loft and living room, I'll have this one replaced (and finally get an overhead light in that room, as well).

Still, it's disappointing.

Score so far on two small household repairs: Diane, one, Condo, one.


melissa said...

I have no excuse. Our fans are on 8' ceilings. Our 6'-5" son could dust them in a heartbeat. It's the nasty clumpiness of the dust that's discouraging. And it does go EVERYWHERE.

Sorry about your fan death. So sad.

Diane said...

Yep, I was covered in grey clumps - yuck. I need to update this post...the doorbell quit working. Sigh.