Friday, July 11, 2014

First day of summer days

Ah, Friday. And a short one, at that. Today is the first of my two months of "summer days" - essentially stacking my work time earlier in the week, in order to take off half days on Friday.

This year, I've opted for half days rather than full days. While I love three day weekends, and working ten hour days isn't either unusual or hard, I just cannot do it in the summer. My workload is much lighter in the summer, and that makes trying to put in a ten hour day torture.

So, half days. Out of here at 10:30. Yay! Lunch with an aunt and cousin today. Afterwards, pick up a picture I had taken in for framing. Home to maybe do a bit of outside work.

Other than that, no other plans for the weekend. Bliss. I need to start on the t-shirt quilt, get caught up on some picture taking and clean out the refrigerator. Maybe even make a quick run to the city dump.

In spite of the national media's brandishing the term, we are not experiencing a "polar vortex" next week. This cool down was predicted back in December, and is a result of the recurring weather pattern that set up for this year (the one that did bring the vortex in January). I realize people who enjoy hot and sticky are having fits, but personally, I find this the perfect weather - the best of any season. Highs in the mid-sixties to low seventies, sunshine and a gentle breeze.

With luck, I'll get pictures of a couple of charity quilts posted by the end of the weekend, and a couple of other long-overdue things taken care of. We'll's just possible I may spend the weekend just lazing on the patio with a book...

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melissa said...

After getting drenched yesterday, we now have wonderfully cooler weather. Our bliss is mid-seventies to low-eighties, and here that means that the windows are up and the a/c is off. Loving it.

Can't imagine highs in the sixties. That'd be heaven in July. :)