Wednesday, June 25, 2014


That's the new name for Milwaukee from a twitter contest the local meteorologist held. We've had incredibly foggy mornings - often well into the afternoon - for over a week. To make matters worse, the fog often reforms late in the afternoon.

It's been so bad that the Air and Water Show scheduled for the lakefront last weekend was canceled - the practice flights we saw from our office on Friday were the only flights the Blue Angels were able to get in.

Fog strikes again tonight. Summerfest, advertised as the U.S.'s largest music festival, kicks off this afternoon. A highlight of opening day is a huge fireworks display down at the lakefront, rivaling the annual massive performance held on July 3rd. Due to the prediction of continued fog tonight, they have postponed the big show until Thursday night.

It cannot, will not go on forever. Beginning Saturday, we turn to my personal least favorite weather: mid-eighties and humid. That, too, looks as if it will go on for a week or so.

At least that stretch will feel more like summer.

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