Friday, May 02, 2014


I seem to have picked up whatever tummy bug is currently making the rounds. Generally, any of this type of upset flows through my system (pun intended) in about 24 hours. Today is day three.

It's better than it was, but now I'm hungry (of course) and grouchy, not so much from hunger but from lack of coffee. If my tummy isn't happy to start with, coffee usually makes it worse, so I avoid it. Haven't had any since Tuesday morning.

Feel sorry for me. Very, very sorry.

Actually, feel sorry for the people around me.

Well, this, too, shall pass (pun you wish I hadn't sunk to).

It had better, as tomorrow is rather full. Meeting a friend for an early breakfast. Condo association annual meeting in the early afternoon. Meeting someone else for coffee and chat in the later part of the afternoon.

Lots of little things to fill in the gaps. We are going to have the first dry days in over a week. Assuming I can get the pressure washer put together, the patio is in for a cleaning. I've some cleaning to do inside, as well as a run to the actual, physical grocery store. Somehow, my order of three pounds of apples was read by Peapod as an order for one apple. I take one everyday in my lunch, and am down to the very last one I had on hand.

The calendar continues to be crowded over the next week, and I've just made it worse. I called the quilt shop to register for a two day class coming up in October (why yes, I do plan that far in advance), and found out they were running a special. Buy one class, get a hefty discount on another. Why not - I signed up for a half day class for next week Saturday, on Zentangles. More specifically, using them (or the theory anyway) as the basis for quilting designs.

Hopefully, I'll be feeling better by then.

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Joy Foucault said...

I'm so sorry to hear about being ill. Unfortunately I had this a few weeks ago as well. Kudos on the quilting class, sounds fun!
Feel better soon friend!