Tuesday, April 01, 2014

First Communion

It's spring (in name, anyway) so there are a whole lot of eight year olds making their First Communion in the next couple of months. I mentioned a while back that a friend's son is one of those, and that her church has the kids make small banners to be carried in at the start of the mass. He wanted green lettering for his name, not yellow...and green isn't exactly available in the handy press on letters his mom used for his older brother (who wanted yellow; much easier to find).

After settling on a font (something "curly", but not "girly"), I got down to business tonight getting the embroidery done. This is just a piece of it; his last name is down at the bottom of the piece. It's pretty small - 14 x 12. His mom is going to get me a picture of the completed banner. Meanwhile, here is a peak.

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