Saturday, April 26, 2014

And we are off

I am not sure how to upload a picture to the blog that I've emailed to myself and am trying to access on the kindle (tech issues: how to save a picture from email to the kindle photo gallery), but I'm firmly  and comfortably ensconced at Starbucks with goodies, coffee and Game of Thrones to start with. Updates through the day.


Anonymous said...

Tech issues are the worst. Hopefully you get them sorted, or have a real life book to sub in.
I'll check back later! Good Luck!

Diane said...

No worries -just a problem posting a pic. The reading function is working perfectly. :)

Leann Richardson said...

The whole Starbuck's idea sounds lovely! I wish I had thought to leave the house at some point today to get a little more time in. I had some picture techie issues earlier, too. My phone wants to take years to send stuff to my blog. You would think with all the gadgets and advances we would not struggle so. LOL