Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday fluff

This weekend has already gotten away from me.

A friend called last night, and wants to come by to talk about work. It's kind of odd; I've become the sounding board for a number of young friends in a number of areas. I don't exactly mind - everyone needs someone who will listen nonjudgmentally, nod empathetically and occasionally ask a leading question - I just wonder what good, if any, I do. So often I feel overwhelmed and out of my depth.

She's coming tonight, for dinner (my idea, and extremely casual/make do). Given my usual end of the week malaise, I will most likely go to bed the instant she leaves.

How on earth did I get to a place where I resent the time it takes to have fun? The original/only plan for this weekend was a craft day/belated birthday meal with Pam. She's got a commitment in the morning, so we aren't getting together until around one. We're having a late lunch at that point, because I (wisely as it turns out) didn't want to extend the fun too far into the evening, as we now live a good forty minutes away from one another. Once I hit that "really tired, ready for bed" wall, my driving skills start to suffer.

We'll either play cards or craft after lunch. She is still cutting out fabric strips for the quilts for her grandkids. I would dearly like to cut out the strips and pieces for the first part of the mystery quilt. Those pieces really need to be cut and sewn by Tuesday night, as the second part of the mystery will be posted Wednesday morning. Part of the fun is doing the work at the same time as everyone else, and finishing a top in a month. I'd hate to fall behind the first week.

Again, even if we break up fairly early, there won't be time to do much but clean up a bit at home before bedtime.

A package of pepperoni was in my last grocery order, so I could make home made pizza Saturday night. Apparently I had forgotten I'd be having a late lunch at Pam's and wouldn't want to fuss for dinner.

Somewhere in there I need to make a batch of Tex-Mex Soup. Also in the grocery order was a tub of Peapod's fresh salsa. More than half of it goes in the soup, but I need to use the rest up before it, well, goes south.

Renae and I could have the pulled pork with the salsa in the corn tortillas I have, or I could make tuna salad with it (much better than it sounds - use the salsa instead of mayo to make the tuna salad, then spread a thin layer of mayo on a tortilla and fill with the tuna mix - add a couple strips of bell pepper if you want). The tuna would serve for lunches Mon-Tues, but the salsa won't last much beyond that.

Right about the time I moved in here I got a great deal through Woot on a refurbished Dyson vacuum. I adore that thing (as much as one can adore a cleaning tool). The ten year old Dirt Devil went to live on the second floor, eliminating the need to drag a vacuum up and down, theoretically making it easier to do the floors more often.

Yeah, right.

The DD is about ten years old, cracked on the bottom with a non-functioning height adjustment. It whines louder than I do, in a high pitched, ear hurting way. And the suction? It doesn't. At least not the way it did when it was younger.

Woot had another deal on refurbished Dysons. The discount is close to 60%, too great to pass up, especially when it's facilitated through Amazon and I pay no shipping. After I ordered, I realized it would be delivered Saturday, when I was mostly not home. Ooops. But God watches over fools (or He really wants me to be a better housekeeper); I see it is on the truck and will be delivered today. Whew.

Having it in hand tonight will make it easer to do what I need to do Saturday morning before going to Pam's: clean thoroughly. Spring cleaning fever is upon me, woe to the dust bunnies walruses in my way!

Sunday after church the weekend is finally mine. Except for making sure work clothes are laundered and I have a plan for lunches, that is. Oh, and I need to do the embroidery for my colleague's child's communion banner. Once that stuff is done I may have time to work on the mystery quilt.

Yep, I'm whining over nothing, really. Just tired and unfocused. I know the source of the lack of focus: my blood sugar decided to go sky high. Not sure what's up, though I know it likes to jump whenever I'm sick. This cold simply has not wanted to go away, and I've not the time to work on evicting it. The up and down of the weather isn't making things any better (fifty today, high of maybe 30 on Sunday).

At least it's the weekend, no matter how messy.

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