Friday, February 28, 2014

Week's end at last

Only minus one this morning, with no wind. That last fact alone makes it feel like a heat wave. Did I mention that I saw another student (male, of course) outside in shorts yesterday? Ah, the invincibility of youth!

Tired, sick-ish and thinking I'll go home early. What good is coming in an hour early if you can't leave an hour early? I have a student coming in at 1:30; when she leaves, I think I will, too.

Got the schedule for graphics for church this morning. I'm assigned the Sunday after the Daylight Savings Time switch. Not unexpected. It's less of a hassle for me, since I'm up at 4:30 as it is now. Not much chance of my being late, even if I do forget the change.

Need to decide tonight if I want to put something together for National Quilting Day, which is Sunday, March 16th. Something easy - coffee, tea, cookies and a show and tell. It's been quite a few years since I last did that.

I've scheduled a pick up by a local charity of "gently used" household goods. A box destined for Goodwill has sat next to the basement door for several months, but hasn't made it out yet. So much better to have the things picked up.

It's an added incentive (the pick up is March 5th - next week Wednesday) to go through the last boxes from the move, which are still hanging out in the sewing studio. I've a good idea what is in them, and if I haven't had the need to use any of it for the last two and a half years, there is a good chance I don't need to hang on to it. The time frame is too tight for me to completely declutter the condo, but dealing with those boxes will be a great start.

A couple errands on the way home, whether or not I leave early. Walgreens, to spend out my 2013 flex spending account by picking up some contact solution, and to lay in a stock of cold meds. Maybe a swing by the local higher-end grocery, who has both clementines and blueberries on sale two for $5. Strawberries, blackberries and seafood are also on sale...I have no more room in the freezer, alas.

It is supposed to snow - lightly - starting about five. If I don't go to Sendiks tonight, I can go tomorrow...before it snows, again. This has been the (predicted and predictable) pattern all winter: bitter cold, followed by a warm up with snow. I'm looking forward to the spring and summer repeats of the pattern, which should be cooler than usual temps followed by thunderstorms, or at least rain. I have a feeling it will be a lush year for gardeners.

Speaking of which, I'm taking suggestions. I have three 24" diameter urns, two shepherd's hooks (one short one that is in one of the urns, plus a full size one) and a hook on the dividing wall on the patio. The patio faces south, but one corner is in shade all morning, the other in shade all afternoon.

I want one urn to have tomatoes. I do want some pretty flowers. What would you plant? And what perennial would you use in front of/around some low bushes, also with a partially shaded southern exposure? Anything hardy (translation: will stand up to a gardener who forgets to water) would be appreciated.

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