Wednesday, January 08, 2014

They say it's your birthday

...well it's my birthday, too.


The day started pleasantly enough with a stop at the local Honeydip Donuts to buy the obligatory birthday treat. This particular shop is owned by a delightful Indian woman, who always tucks something extra in the bag "for you".

I daren't go there often; my diet can't stand the extra calories. Today, the extra was a little cherry filled, lattice work pastry. Yum.

They also offer a few breakfast sandwiches, so I picked up an equally yummy ham and cheese on a croissant (have to get some protein, after all). No coffee, as it would both be cold by the time I got to work (or even out to the car, although it was a balmy minus three (an improvement over Tuesday's minus thirteen) when I left the house) and difficult to carry, given the totebag, purse and bag o'donuts I was already carrying.

Not much going on for the rest of the day, other than work and being home to receive a grocery order tonight. I know how to party, don't I?

//minirant on// What's with so-called adults these days, anyway? No longer is it enough to have a nice, small dinner with family to celebrate a birthday, emphasis on day. Now, everyone talks about all the events of their birthday week. Because, you know, the world has to stop to heap adoration on the wonderfulness of you. Are we so self absorbed we feel justified in a week of continuous celebration of an event that, frankly, we really had no great participation in, other than taking that first out-of-the-womb breath? You can say your friends love you and want to do something(s) special for you, and that is fine...but is there any reason they can't show that love throughout the year? Really, I don't get it. //minirant off//

This isn't a particularly "big" number birthday, although it is the double nickel birthday that AARP used to use to mark your passage into "senior" adulthood (until AARP dropped that age to fifty, in order to swell the ranks and their political clout). It may, however, be a year with more navel gazing than usual, in light of recent events.

There is cake - a piece of the quick chocolate cake I made Sunday is in my lunch. Cake and donuts on the same day makes the day special indeed.


melissa said...

Cake makes everyday special, as I'm often heard to say. Happy birthday again, sweets. :)

Holly o:) said...

Soooooo...I shouldn't have posted my question? :)

Diane said...

Eh, Holly, I was feeling old before your question.

In the world of the funny, I did indeed get a solicitation from AARP in the mail yesterday. I haven't yet forgiven them for supporting O-care.

Francesca Watson said...

A belated happy birthday! And I love the new site design. :-)