Thursday, January 02, 2014

Playoff madness

All of Wisconsin gave a mighty cheer when Aaron Rodgers and the Packers pretty much flipped the bird at Chicago last Sunday, killing the Bears' playoff chances in Rodgers' first appearance since his collarbone was the Bears.

But now, however, all is not well in the frozen tundra. As of right now, this coming Sunday's game against the San Francisco Forty-Niners at Lambeau is not a sellout. The organization has until 3:40 today to unload the remaining 5,500 tickets, or the unthinkable will happen.

The game will be blacked out in Wisconsin.

Thousands of armchair quarterbacks will howl, planned viewing parties will be canceled. The economy will take a hit, as no one will be out buying munchies for the game.

It's unusual for Wisconsin fans not to step up and sell out a playoff game, generally within hours of tickets going on sale. Getting tickets for a regular season game is a tricky, expensive business that relies a great deal on luck (and season tickets? they are passed down in families for generations, assuming your family ever makes it to the top of the voluminous waiting list). Playoff tickets, while last minute in nature and more expensive, are at least available to the general public.

There's a good reason for the lagging sales. The high temperature Sunday will be ten degrees - and falling as the day goes on. Kickoff is 3:40 p.m. or so. Wind chills are expected to be in the minus twenty-plus range.

Even Wisconsinites aren't that crazy.

At least the Packers are accustomed to playing in rather adverse weather conditions. With luck, the cold will keep the Forty-niners from hanging on to the ball.

Three more hours to go...surely there are some crazy cheeseheads out there who need tickets.

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