Sunday, January 05, 2014

Just a wee bit nippy out

Record setting cold and dangerous wind chills for the next thirty-six hours. Not exactly a heat wave after that (at least not until the weekend, when it will be bizarrely above freezing).

The university will be open tomorrow, mostly, I suspect, because our cross-town rival UW-Milwaukee is still open, though all classes are canceled. Our students are still on winter break, so no classes in session.

I'm thinking it's best not to go out tomorrow. There's a lot of work I can do from home, at least a full day's worth. I found my peak flow meter (a handy dandy little device asthmatics can blow into to determine their air flow) and gave it a blow. Bottom of the "acceptable" range.

Going in to work isn't the issue: warm condo, warm underground parking, warm car, twenty second dash into warm office building. Coming home is a different matter, as it will take ten minutes or more for the air in the car to warm up. Ten minutes of breathing the super cold air - no matter how many scarves I breathe through - will do me in.

I'd rather not spend my evening at the ER waiting for a breathing treatment.

Even I am ready for all this to end - bring on spring. Cold, snow, colder, snowier is wearing to deal with (and this comes from someone who has spent much of the last two weeks not going out because of the snow and cold).

Only three more months until spring.

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melissa said...

I can't wait for Monday (and tonight) to be over. Thinking we might bring in the chickens for a bit to warm up, but Gary says they'll stand by the back door if we do that. They are sort of change gets locked into their little brains. And I meant LITTLE brains. :)

Anyway, two of our kids are thinking they'll not have to go into work. Not icy outside, but it's not been this cold here in years and years. And for me too, spring can't come soon enough.

Please take care of yourself. Pamper those lungs.