Sunday, December 08, 2013

Winter...demolition derby

A band of lake effect snow came further inland and picked up some friends, dropping more snow than expected. The quarter to half inch initially forecast has become a solid one and a half on top of the (as yet uncovered for the winter) patio table.

Every interstate in the area has a major accident, up to thirty vehicles in one, ten or so in's insane. This is Wisconsin, where snow is a fact of life. True, this is the first bigger snow of the season, during which Wisconsinites drive as if they've never seen a flake before in their lives, but this is a wreck beyond our usual experience during fist snow.

And this was the appetizer, so to speak. Later this afternoon the actual snow arrives, with 1 to 3 more inches possible overnight.

If you don't have to go out today, don't. If you do, slow down and TURN ON  YOUR LIGHTS, even though it's pretty bright out there.

Me? I'm snugged up inside. I brought some work home to mess with for a couple hours now, and then will light a fire, grab some hot chocolate and watch it snow. Well, after I make sure the winter boots are ready to go and the ice scrapers and brushes are in the car.

Be safe out there, people.


melissa said...

Hi love. Watching it rain in a icy-like fashion outside my bedroom window here. No snow (yay!), as that would add insult to injury. Btw, your first sentence made me laugh. "Picked up some friends..."


Diane said...

I was aiming for a laugh - the technical term "enhanced" doesn't really tell the tale. The weather guys here were all caught unawares, as the lake effect stuff just kept coming down; as I said, it's not even the main event for the day.