Thursday, December 19, 2013

Three and a half hours

To vacation, that is. Why yes, I'm highly anticipating it, why do you ask?

Wonder of wonders, I remembered to bring in the cards to go with the gifts for my direct reports. A stop at the ATM provided cash for the student who has been so helpful. Taking care of work gifts, done.

Another dusting of snow overnight tonight. I continue to be ever so grateful for underground parking. The year of the hundred inches of snow I was still parking on the street. We received those hundred inches in increments of one to four inches at a time...I was constantly brushing snow off of the car.

The modem at home is slowly dying, as all Time Warner supplied modems tend to do. This time, however, I'm simply going to chuck the modem in a drawer and install my own. I'll have the TWC unit to return should I ever cancel the service, and have a fully functioning, up to date one keeping me connected. That's an important thing to have when starting a vacation; watching movies (or at least running them off while I sew) is a big part of my vacation plan.

There are two separate vacation "lists": the first is the "should-do" list, the second the "want-to-do" list. One item from the first every day, one or two from the second. Back to one more from the first if there is time.

I hear there is a cocoa shortage. A new entry on the list may be "go to Ghirardelli outlet in Kenosha to stock up". Which list to put it on, though - both?

Heh. Outlook just popped up a reminder. I panicked, not thinking I had any meetings today. I don't; it was the reminder for "vacation".

I suppose I should start getting things organized here. While I will only miss four days of work, one of which most of the campus is also taking as a vacation day, I'd like to have things as clear as possible before I leave. There is nothing more depressing than coming back in after vacation to a stack of unfinished "stuff". Now, if I can only keep people from putting anything else in my in basket...


Chad Hohner said...

FYI, they may have you return the modem or they may start charging you a rental fee.

Diane said...

Even if they know I've swapped it out, they won't be contacting me. It's a business acct through MU.I'm due the rental fees are all part of the deal with work. They can't handle it when I call for service-I've had them promise me three days' credit for an outage-a credit I told them I would never see because it is a business acct and payroll would never issue me a credit. I pay the same (low) amt through or deduction no matter how good or bad the service is.