Saturday, December 28, 2013

Productively nonproductive

For no known reason, I didn't go to bed until rather late last night. As a result, the whole "get up really early, go out to breakfast, return and start in on the sewing room early" didn't happen. I got up, messed around on e-mail, went back to bed, got up an hour later, got dressed and went out to breakfast (two hours later than I planned)(to the Albanian restaurant down the road)(this part of the city has a lot of people from a lot of places), came home to read for a bit, came upstairs to get something and ended up taking a two hour nap...

It's been one of those days. But in addition, I've scheduled the drop off of some cheerleading uniforms that need altering, set up a date with a friend and made plans to join a high school classmate for an embroidery class.

A friend from a church I used to attend coaches cheer for several grade levels at a local Christian school. Bless her heart, this is in addition to working from home full time, home schooling their four kids and taking care of the elderly aunt who lives with them. Taking care of all the alterations is the least I can do to relieve some of her burden. If you'll recall, I've committed to doing a certain amount of work for others as part of justifying my purchase of the new machine. Happy to help out!

I think Joy and I may go to Panera for lunch one day next week - hopefully, one of the days the high temperature has two digits, one of which is not a minus sign. It's been evident God's been working in their family, both as a unit and as individuals, and it's been a difficult year for them. It's been a privilege to walk, at least in a little way, through that with them.

Lynne and I went to high school together, and both have sewed from an early age. After high school, we took different paths. She is exceptionally talented at domestic arts, and I believe her college degree is connected to them in some way. We've connected again on Facebook, finding that we have at least the sewing arts still in common. She lives well north west of the city, while I'm on the southeast side - we're at least an hour away from one another, I think.

We are splitting the difference and meeting up at my favorite quilt store out in Genesee Depot for a monthly machine embroidery class. I'd planned on taking it, anyway; this provides a great setting to reconnect.

So even though not much has been done so far today, I feel justified in saying it's been time well spent. Now, I need to get myself into the kitchen, get dinner started and get at the last of the cleaning before settling down with a movie and my journal. Time to start thinking about 2014 goals.

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