Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving evening

It's not all that late, but I'm toddling off to bed momentarily. It's been a gloriously quiet day. Nothing stresses an introvert out more than spending time with large groups of people, no matter how well loved. I appreciate the invites from friends, but really, I needed the extra time to sort some stuff out.

And I certainly didn't suffer in the food department. While I forgot to thaw the turkey drumsticks, I ate well. Or at least as well as I felt I should given I seem to have some sort of tummy bug. Good thing I've lots of soup in the freezer.

All isn't lost - a pan of to-be-baked-in-the-morning french toast is sitting in the refrigerator. Bread and milk, even with the addition of nuts and brown sugar, shouldn't be upsetting. My only regret is that I have no bacon to go with it.

The furnace guy comes at 8:30 tomorrow. It's nice to be the first appointment on the books - get it done and over with. Once he is gone, I can hide away in the studio. Craft day is Saturday, and I've some prep work I need to get done if I want to have a portable project to take along.

I found out tonight that I'm going to be a great aunt again. Funny, but I asked the mom-to-be a month or so ago if she was pregnant. I have this weird, early pregnancy sensing system. It's really subtle, usually just a passing thought, completely out of the blue, "I wonder if she is pregnant?" The thought usually comes at a point where, based on final due dates, she may have only been three or four weeks along. Strange.

This computer is nearing the grave. After five years (maybe six?), it's plum worn out. I haven't the patience to piecemeal it along. I've a replacement sitting in a box next to me right now. Part of the afternoon was spent saving my data files to a USB drive. Now I just need to locate all the software I need to reload. While it's nice that it's here, I really planned to do other things with this break.

One of which is to get enough sleep. With that, I'm off.

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