Thursday, October 03, 2013

We interrupt this series to bring you today's chuckle

If you recall, I've mentioned the issues my cellular phone company has had with a billing system upgrade that went postal on them. Well, over the last couple of weeks they seem to have resolved most of the issue, with the July, August and September bills arriving in succession between mid-August and now.

There is an article in today's paper concerning the issues people have had with the conversion, highlighting, among other things, the fact that so many bills appeared in so short a time - and needed to be paid in a fairly short time as well.

Geez people, do you not pay attention to your personal finances? When you didn't get your July bill, did you think to call the company and find out why? Did it ever occur to you that you didn't need to have a bill in hand to go on line and just make a payment when you normally would?

Did you think the company was just going to forget about you paying the bills for the months they were struggling to fix the system?

Apparently, yes, if you read the linked article. Or at least one month free.

The company having billing issues does not remove your liability for payment for services rendered.

No wonder we have a debt problem in this country - people have no clue how to track their finances, nor any understanding of how it works if they do.

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Chad Hohner said...

You've pretty much hit the nail on the head Diane.

Very few pay attention to their money, and when it runs out, it's not *their* fault, right?