Saturday, October 05, 2013

31 Days - Day 5: Mooooose!

This is another housewarming gift, this time, for my sister and her family. They built a house about half an hour out of the city, in a town called Mukwonago. The translation of the Indian name is something like "place of the bear". I couldn't find much with bears at the time, but did find a delightful lap quilt and wallhanging pattern featuring a moose.

Moose on the loose
This was made in about 2002, after I finally learned to machine quilt (yes, we're way out of order here, but see the note on the previous post - I've finally learned to randomize (and like it). But those wide open ecru patches screamed out for hand quilting. What was a girl in a hurry to do?

Both machine and hand quilt, as it turned out. Most of the piece was machine quilted, but there is some hand quilting in that glorious white space (you may be able to just make it out if you click on the picture to make it bigger).

The dark blue print in the corner of the main block is among my very favorite fabrics ever. I've carefully hoarded every little piece of it through the years, and may yet have a smallish piece of it in my stash.

This was made from a purchased pattern, with many odd sized half square triangles and little pieces for the moose and the flower sprig. The quilt from the same pattern has three of the moose heads, plus some stars and pieced pine trees. The pattern is still in my collection, so someday (when my current back log is caught up, or when pigs fly, whichever comes sooner) I may just do the full quilt.

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melissa said...

One if your very favorite fabrics ever. Now that conjures up some thoughts!