Sunday, September 22, 2013

Perfect weekend

Fall started at 3:44 local time today. My favorite season - as I see it is for many. It's been a perfect fall day, weather-wise. The temperature was forty-seven when I got up this morning - so delightful to have that nip in the air. Clear skies all day helped keep the temperatures down; I don't think it ever got above low sixties all all today.

Friday night after a quick dinner I started the needed tidying for the next day's crafting. The vacuuming was done the night before, but there were still some things not quite done.

Hmmpf. I came home tired, and the tired never went away. I did manage to clean the bath and clear the table, but left the rest for the morning, going up to bed around 7:30. I needed the sleep, but not the nightmares that went with it. Oh well, up fairly early to finish putting the house in order.

Pam was a bit late, but we both started cutting away at our fabric before we broke for lunch. She's working on quilts for her grandkids, I cut out a kit that will eventually be a quilt for my bed.

We chatted, laughed, ate chili, drank coffee and snuck a cookie or two. It had been more than two years (long story) since Pam had worked on the quilts - much of our time was spent trying to figure out which of the dozen fabrics of varying lengths were supposed to be for which elements (once we figured it out, I brought out pencil, paper and safety pins and made her mark them :). Still, we both got quite a lot done.

Pam left just before dinner, and Renae came over half an hour later. She's my "next generation" quilting friend. She is almost finished with a very modern quilt for one of her brothers. She trimmed the batting and backing and figured out the binding method she wanted to use while we chatted and she had a cup of the chili (The recipe makes twelve cups of chili - do you have any idea how much that is? Even with three of us eating big latte mugs full, and my putting it over a baked potato for tomorrow's lunch, I still think I can get five or six servings to freeze. Good thing it's really, really tasty stuff.).

When she left, it occurred to me that I had company over for more or less twelve straight hours, and greatly enjoyed every minute of it. Being an introvert, I enjoy my people in smaller doses. Spreading the visits out over the whole day worked very well for me.

Quiet Sunday. Lots of reading. This is Banned Books Week. Just for fun, I'm reading through Truman Capote's In Cold Blood (why yes, reading true crime books is fun). Caught up on a study I'm slowly working my way through in 1 Peter. Napped in the recliner a bit. Cleaned up the kitchen.

Off to bed, a little later than intended, but my lunch for tomorrow is mostly made, which should let me sleep another fifteen minutes or so tomorrow. 

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melissa said...

Darn. Do I know what you mean by the tired not going away. Only too well. But you mentioning Bsnned Book Week made me happy. Must find one. Very easy to do. :)Sadly so.