Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Head case

I'm happy to report my almost seven week wound check today went very, very well. The incisions from the cyst removal are all closed and healed, except for a stubborn tiny spot at the top of one. Not enough to cause anything but a bit of itching annoyance.


The hair is growing back as well. I've no intention of posting pictures, but this is a bit hard to describe. My hair is mostly just below shoulder length, with a few layers cut in. The surgeon shaved just enough around the incisions (one on the back, near the top, one on the left side also near the top) to give him a clear field to work.

The half inch of current regrowth isn't sticking out much, but it's going to look a bit odd when it gets longer.

Anyway, the really good news for the day is that I'm going to get my hair colored after work. My last appointment was almost nine weeks ago; things are looking very ghost-like up there. Lots of white around the face, and more grey through the rest than I thought there would be. When did that happen?

This is a chance to lighten things up, too. It's currently a dark brown, close to what nature originally gave me.  The plan is to go two or three shades lighter, and maybe a shade redder. Get some sass back.

Maybe I'll go crazy and add some highlights, too.


melissa said...

Ah. Get some sass back. I like that comment VERY much. :)

Btw, this healing seems to be taking such a long time...almost 2 months. Bless your heart. You just want to be back to normal, but that sass comment might just change everything!

About the white hair. So getting that. Your new ideas for color sound stunning, btw.

Diane said...

I ended up not going all over lighter - I want to perm later, and my stylist said that to lighten all over, we'd have to bleach first, before putting on the lighter color. I want to perm later, and my hair would be too fragile if it had been bleached, even a month or more before. But we've been slowly lightening it as the roots come in, and he put in some sassy red highlights. I feel like me again, you know?

I've having difficulty getting to the post office, but will go by Saturday no matter what - will tell you exactly when I mail so you can be watching.