Friday, September 20, 2013

Company Girls Coffee 092013

6:34 a.m.

That would be the time I walked into a dark office. The co-worker who is generally here even earlier than that is off today, so I got to switch on all the lights and other doodads.

By 6:34, I'd already been to the post office, the bank and to the gas station to fill up the tank.

Can I go back to bed now?

Week's highlights: Picked up unexpected raffle prizes, had the last check on the incisions from the cyst removal and found out a co-worker got married over the weekend, the sneak. Last Sunday I handled the video for church for the first time since before Memorial Day. Naturally, that morning (we put the presentation together that morning for the service - yes, no pressure!) the pastor didn't get his sermon to us until fifteen minutes before the service was due to start.

Yeah, I actually got it all in - correctly, too - with five minutes to spare. Because I'm a technical wizard, naturally.


New television season - woo hoo! Not so much for the programs themselves, but because I can set up a routine where I barely watch certain shows every week as a framework for time in the sewing room (Oh wow! Time for Bones. I can turn it on in the sewing room and "watch" it while I sew!). More sewing than watching goes on during those times.

Even with what little I've checked out so far, I've come up with an objection, one that sparked a mini-rant on Facebook and an unpublished longer rant for the blog. The show Sleepy Hollow - a scary things-from-beyond premised romp I would usually enjoy - annoyed the crud out of me. They've focused on the four horsemen of the apocalypse for their demons.

You realize, that if the studio had misquoted, mangled and disrespected the Koran the way they routinely do the Bible, the studio would have been burned to the ground (and the studio execs along with it) by Muslims? My real point here is that Muslims value the Koran as holy, and will fight (to the point of homicide) to keep it undefiled, while Christians see the Bible being misused and ... shrug.

The prevalence in popular culture of Scripture misuse points to an even deeper issue: the appalling Biblical illiteracy among evangelical Christians.

I'll stop now, lest I go on another tirade.

Craft day tomorrow! Pam plans to work on cutting out the remainder of the pieces for the quilts (five of them) she is doing for her grandkids, so I'm going to cut out the couple of quilt kits I've got.

This is one of them, though when I bought it, it was 30% or more off. Not sure why the price jumped up again. The fabric is gorgeous, though I may swap out the background fabric, which is considerably more yellow than the picture.

Connecting Threads has good quality fabric at decent prices. While I do design most of my own quilts, I find I really, really like their kits, especially at sale or clearance prices. Although my kits were in different (prettier!) colorways, I've made up their kits from this pattern and this one.

That's about it here. I need to go scare up another cup of coffee. It's going to be a long day.


Anonymous said...

The other thing about Sleepy Hollow is that the original Headless Horseman was rumored to be the ghost of a dead Hessian. I reckon the studio chucked this at least in part because they figured most people wouldn't know what a Hessian was. Stupid people.


Diane said...

LOL - maybe we are the crazy ones for expecting facts in our fantasy?

The only thing I really liked is that they gave Crane quite a bit of intelligence.