Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Now, making it through the workday without coffee

I need to get to work a bit earlier than my usual (very early) time in order to make the schedule for summer hours and a day off a week. That explains why I didn't catch on a bit quicker this morning.

Fast run through the drive through for breakfast, and more importantly, the single cup of coffee I drink for the day. Get to my office, and as I'm setting the cup down, I see the dreaded "special order" slip stuck to the side of the cup. Usually, I can feel the label sticking up a bit as I take the cup from the clerk (this is a woefully common occurrence), but it was stuck smoothly to the cup this time, so I missed it.

Three creams, six splendas, three shots of hazelnut syrup.

Folks, that's not coffee, that's a candy bar.

I take my coffee black.

So far today, I've (more or less) successfully navigated sitting in a staff meeting and writing a letter to the IRS, without coffee to fuel me. I didn't snap at anyone nor tell the IRS what I think of their stupidity in enforcing the stupidity of Congress (a provision that was snuck through the ACA that no one read before voting for, that was pretty stupid (the provision, not the Act, though the Act is another level of stupidity entirely)). There is a chance I may make it through the day without being arrested.

Mostly because I'm not awake enough to cause any serious mayhem.

Ordinarily, I could get a bit of a caffeine fix by grabbing a (real) candy bar from the vending machine, but the hordes of children who come to our building for swimming lessons have cleaned all five machines out of everything except Slim Jims and animal crackers.

If anyone wants me, I'll be the one with my face planted on the keyboard, snoring gently.

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