Friday, July 12, 2013

Company Girl Coffee 071213

A venti Starbucks blonde roast today - need all the help I can get!

It seems like it's been a slow week, until you factor in last weekend's time off. It's been fairly productive. A giant roast roasted, home made soup taken to a sick friend, two (!) quilts completed except for the labels and an unintentional culinary explosion filled up the week nicely.

More sewing this weekend. A friend has made a quilt top for another friend's new baby (stay with me here). She's left a big spot in the center, asking me to fire up the 830 and embroider the baby's name. We are trading services: a couple hours of her time sprucing up my patio (mostly cutting back the clematis) for design, testing, thread and embroidery services from me.

It sounds as if I'm getting the best of the deal, but it will take me more than a couple of hours to get the kinks worked out of the embroidery. Everything is on a learning curve at present; this is the first time I will need to center the motif exactly on a completed item. Everything up until now has been done on yardage and trimmed to fit.

That's actually the entire plan for the weekend. I need to continue doing catch up on the project for class. This should give me a lot of reading time, as once you push "go" the machine does most everything automatically. Truthfully, I feel a bit superfluous.

We are on the way to a heat wave, but in the meantime we have two, maybe three perfect summer days in front of us.

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Rachel Anne said...

We had an absolutely wonderful cool day of rain today...unheard of in Texas in July! It was great to be forced to stay indoors rather than haul things to the barn, which WAS to be on the docket for this afternoon. Love your new quilt background on the blog...I so want to learn how...but the time, the time to learn. For now I shall just admire others' beautiful work!

Bless you, Diane!