Saturday, July 27, 2013

A chilly, puttery July day

The high temperature today was only supposed to be in the high sixties. I've had one or both of the patio doors (in two separate rooms) open all day. Just noticed that the air conditioning came on...I should probably do something about that.

I'm looking forward to throwing the bedroom windows open tonight - with a low in the mid-fifties, it should be wonderful sleeping weather.

As was this morning. You know you have a sad life when "sleeping in" means you get up just before six. Puttered around a bit upstairs, then came down to make breakfast.

This "Saturday means big home made breakfast" thing is becoming a thing, if you know what I mean. Hash browns (from frozen, but I'm not averse to making them from scratch), plus an omelet with whatever is handy - mushrooms, cheese, broccoli, garlic and/or onion. Some really good coffee, and the day is off to a good start. I've even got it to the point where I can use a minimum of dishes.

How is it that I have a dishwasher, but still end up doing some dishes by hand every day? The dishwasher gets run whenever it's full, or I start running out of silverware, whichever comes first (oddly enough, the silverware most times). A few years ago I tossed out all the old, icky cookware and replaced it with a very small set of high end stuff - good thing, too, as there is limited storage space in the condo's kitchen. But it does mean I tend to need that one pot that is waiting in the I just wash them by hand as a matter of routine.

Cleaned a bit this morning, some picking up and putting away, along with some vacuuming. I may also have been playing the ipod through the sound dock rather loudly...and singing along, also rather loudly. The condo is well insulated; in addition, the units on two of the three sides are vacant.

Or mostly vacant. The one next door is in foreclosure and empty. The one behind me is occupied sporadically by a young couple who live in Missouri, but whose parents bought the unit so they would have a place to stay when they visit. They are up here this weekend. I should know, since they almost smashed into me in the parking garage. Yeah, buddy, you may want to both look before you back out, and go slower than "bat-out-of-hell". If you couldn't see my car - with my headlights on - you may also want to get your vision checked.

Did I mention I started singing at eight a.m.?

Sewing today, on the Feels Like Spring bed runner. Today's embroidery: half square tulips. Three tulips appliqued to a big right triangle, the hypotenuse of which (unlike most people, I actually use both geometry and algebra on a regular basis) will be sewn to the side of a square. Add four of them, and you have a new, bigger square. The end result is darling, but the process is b-o-r-i-n-g.

The machine does all the work - I'm only there to change thread colors and hoop the fabric. Pictures soon, I think.

Since the class for this project is very hit and miss (I went to the first class, couldn't make the next few, then finally got to one to find no one else was coming) and everyone is at a different point in the process (it was a block of the month kind of class, but we got the entire pattern up front - the main purpose was to teach us to use (translation: sell us) the cutwork tool, which we learned at the first class) I think I'm going to just go ahead and make it the current work in progress and finish as soon as I can.

When it's done, it will hang in a very bare spot up on the balcony railing; it would be nice to have it hanging up there by Christmas (just in time to drape fake pine garland in front of it).

Speaking of hanging things up, I put up some little metal-look coffee cup decorations in the kitchen today. They were purchased for the dining room, but I wasn't terribly happy with them. They looked a bit small for the room. One of the two ten by twenty-four inch spaces of actual, untiled wall in the kitchen happens to be right next to the coffeemaker and the cupboard with all the coffee stuff. They look pretty cute there.

I haven't even knocked them off the wall when I've opened the cabinet. Yet.

I should take my stream of consciousness and ungrammatical prose back to the studio. The machine is blinking at me in silent reproach, waiting for the next color thread to be loaded. There are are three colors to the embroidery for a single triangle, and four triangles. Good thing the machine has an automatic needle threader.

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