Friday, May 03, 2013

Company Girl Coffee 050313

Pull up a chair, but don't get too close. Why yes, I'm sick yet again. Or still, most likely. A cold virus moved in sometime around the first of the year, and while it's gone on vacation for a week or two at a time, it's never completely moved out.

So tired of this.

It's messed up my fun week, that's for sure. I skipped the quilt class Tuesday, for a number of other reasons, but also because I could feel this thing coming back. I won't go to canasta tonight, I think. My friends surely don't want me coughing all over them, and the hostess has cats, which will further aggravate the sinuses. I just can't win.

The plan is to stay in and take it easy this weekend. The only time I do need go out is to go to our annual homeowners' association meeting. Have I ever mentioned that I'm one of the younger owners in our group? The meeting is always interesting.

If I can clear off the dining room table and get up some energy, I've at least two small quilts to layer. Both should have been done a while ago, but the cold has sucked out all my energy. I'm still not sure I'll really feel like it, but it needs to be done. Once they are layered, it takes much less get-up-and-go to sit at the machine and do ten minutes of machine quilting a day. Actually, if I use some of the quilt patterns in the embroidery module, all I'd have to do is sit there and watch the machine work. That's pretty appealing right now.

Back to work. I can at least get things organized for Monday, even if my head is too fuzzy to do anything more challenging at the moment.

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