Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Round and round and round again

"What floor is this?"

"This is two."

The woman smiled at me. "This building is so confusing."

The elevator dinged, the car doors slid open, showing a clear down arrow above them. The woman moved to get on...

"Um, where are you trying to go?"

"The parking garage."

"Step back on out - you have to go up unless you parked on the first level."

The confusing building has a six floor parking garage attached to the back, and is connected directly to the neighboring building through a hallway and a few steps (because the buildings don't quite align) on the second floor. I'm pretty familiar with the set up; my doctor's office is in the neighboring building.

Sunday morning I got up, used the facilities, then decided I felt crummy and would go back to bed rather than to church. But when I tried to stretch out on the bed, all hell broke loose.

The world began to spin. I felt nauseous, then um...proved I was really nauseous. The world continued to spin, I continued to feel nauseous. Laying down made it worse.

After a miserable day and uncomfortable night, things were improved, but not enough to give me confidence in my driving. I stayed home, and by this morning, thought I felt better.

Not for long.

In short, I have a inner ear thing going on. "Thing", because it's not infected, just totally backed up and messing with equilibrium and such. I've orders to stay home the next two days (and a doctor's excuse that says so), a new, nasty tasting nasal spray and anti-nausea meds.

I've also picked up a couple of necessities for the sick room: a bag of Hershey's Kisses with Almonds, and half a dozen magazines (I dearly love my no-need-to-recycle Kindle version of Real Simple, but I discovered the hard way yesterday that reading from a screen is ill advised at present).

According to my doctor, this is pretty much what a severe hang over feels like. Not that I'd know - that's one experience I've never had.

And after this, you can be sure I never will.

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melissa said...

Oh darlin'...sorry you're sick, and was thinking for a minute there that you had that nasty Norovirus that's going the rounds, but thankfully not at our house.

Hope your rest has done you some good. You probably needed that more than you know.

Please take care. :) I miss you when you're not around.