Thursday, April 18, 2013


The lovely and talented Francesca asks in her post today if we have a list. A list of just stuff.

"Stuff" I can do.

1. Heartsick over Boston, and now aching for little West, Texas. A post has been winding its way through my mind, revolving around something that's been said in a number of places n recent days: Good will win. Or good always wins, or something to that effect. In the final, end-of-days sense, that is absolutely true. But in the here-and-now, the best good can do is delay the flood of evil that precedes the end of days. We live in a fallen world; that much is becoming more and more evident.

2. Wet. Soaking. Flooding. It might stop raining by next week sometime. As I said to a friend over on Facebook who was wondering if he missed the memo on building an ark, God promised not to flood the world that way again, but He didn't way anything about flood levels just under that amount.

3. Finally feeling better. It's been so long that I've been sick that it took a while this morning to realize what was different. The headache is still hanging on the fringes, but everything else is just...better. Leaving work on time every night this week has helped, and getting almost eight hours of sleep each night always helps. Nice to feel like a normal (well, normal for me) person again.

4. Leaving work on time...I don't quite know what to do with myself in the evenings. I find myself a bit disoriented. At the moment I haven't made much use of the time, except to get some extra sleep, but (if it ever stops raining) I can see evenings spent messing with plants on the patio, or just reading out there, enjoying the evening breeze. Or, for that matter, finishing up the two gift quilts whose completion has been a casualty of the great sickness of '13.

5. Mini bagels. Original Goldfish crackers. Almonds. Mini Triscuits. Just some of the fun snacks on the "consistently eat the same number of carbs at each meal and snack" trail I'm on. Consistency is the key, and it is harder than you would think. Eating every two to three hours is also surprisingly difficult, especially on weekends, when I tend to get wrapped up in a project and don't want to stop. But it works, with really minimal change in what I eat - more changes in "when" and "in what combination".

6. No plans for this weekend. Let me repeat that: no plans for this weekend, and not sick. Can't remember the last time that was true. It's (maybe) not supposed to rain this weekend (at least not continuously), and I'd like to open the windows and patio doors and air the place out. Actually, I'd love to be able to turn off the heat for the season. We are in the between, so to speak. Too cold in the mornings to have the heat off, but warm enough in the day that you could possibly do without.

7. Orange. Not the fruit. My bedroom is a bright, medium-light blue (Cay is the color, but it is much more vibrant (less greyish; in fact, not greyed at all) in real life). I've decided to use a bit of orange for spark in the room. Now to see if I have much orange in my stash, to whip up a runner for the dresser and one for the chest of drawers.


Francesca Watson said...

Love the idea of pops of orange against that blue - such a pretty combination. And I've never heard the "consistent carbs" thing - will have to research it. So glad you're feeling better!!

melissa said...

So glad you're feeling better. Life is so much happier when we're well. :)

And the orange is perfect, since that dishy blue you've chosen seems to be right across the color wheel from it. Well done.