Friday, August 10, 2012

Company Girls Coffee 081012

I'm hoping that writing this the night before and scheduling it to post in the morning will help me remember to make the coffee rounds; I've been a bit MIA lately.

Frankly, my brain seems to be missing. Or at least out to a rather long, lazy, cocktail-fueled luncheon with salesmen from out of state. Feeling a bit fuzzy and out of things. The hayfever season began a week or so ago, and while the things I take year round mask most of the obvious symptoms, the headache, fogginess and general feeling of malaise still make their annual appearance. Can I just take a nap until, say, late October?

Cooking in honor of Julia Child's 100th birthday this weekend. Coq au Vin - simple, basic chicken stew. Well, until you look at the recipe in The Way to Cook and see that for starters she's referenced three other recipes in the book as ingredients in this one. Not to worry, though; two are for the proper cooking methods for the mushrooms and small whole onions to be put in with the chicken, and the third is the master chicken stew recipe that is modified for the Coq au Vin.

The weather, for once, will cooperate and give milder temperatures more suitable for stewed food. If the rain ends sometime Friday as predicted, we may be able to eat outside.

Once the cooking is done and the guest sent home, it will be time to focus on the baby quilt. For a number of reasons I've not been able to get back to it yet this week. Honestly, putting together the rest of the top should not take more than an hour or two. Another hour to layer it, then it's ready to quilt. I enjoy the actual quilting much more than the piecing (the opposite of most quilters).

Eh. It's time to put the foggy brain to bed. Half day tomorrow, followed by grocery shopping and cleaning. At least I can throw open the windows and get some fresh, cool air in the place. The overhang on the living room windows is so deep the windows can be open during all but the hardest, most sideways driving rainstorms - and I love the sound of a good rainstorm.

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