Monday, July 09, 2012

Another use for raspberries

Raspberry margaritas. Because sometimes, you just need one. Frozen almost solid to start, turning slushy as you drink. In a glass with a cactus-shaped stem.

Went out for margaritas and appetizers with a friend tonight. She needed to talk, to be away from all the responsibilities and conflict for a while, to vent without being judged.

I simply needed out - someplace different, feeling a bit naughty for being out on a "school" night. Not quite discontent with life, more unsettled and restless for something new.

Next time, we'll take a seat on the patio, where we can see a few of the brighter stars as they come out, not have to raise our voices over the restaurant din to be heard.

But the raspberry margaritas will be the same.

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