Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer solstice

Fifteen hours and twenty-three minutes, the longest day of the year for Milwaukee. Coincidentally, it's also the final day of a three-day heat wave, with temps over ninety and dew points well into the seventies.

In short, walking around outside is like pushing through a wash line hung with wet kleenex, only to find another behind it, ad infinitum.

It's interesting how the presence of sunshine makes the days seem to linger on even longer. We get roughly the same amount of sunshine on an April day as we do in August, yet the warm August evenings entice us to sit outside with a book and a glass of wine. Even if the weather is fine in April, it's not the same.

No plans for pagan celebrations today, at least on my part. The wine-and-patio idea does sound appealing, though.

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