Monday, June 18, 2012

Later, dudes

A summary of the next week of the B90days project will be up sometime later today. Yesterday's late afternoon nap may or may not have extended past its expected length, and may or may not have left me rather too groggy to write.

In other news, it is hotter than blazes out there, and will be through Wednesday, at which time it will drop to cooler than average through the weekend. Welcome to summer in Wisconsin.

In truly welcome news, the airconditioners are in at church. We meet in a repurposed old tannery building; air conditioning wasn't mandatory (or even available) at the time the place was built. We use huge window units in the huge windows to keep us from melting down - lovely.

Have I mentioned how incredible the sermons are at Mercy Hill? Audio/visuals are available here for most of the recent sermons series, along with a link to older ones.

Last week I bought a five pound bag of what were described as "baking" potatoes. I thought they were regular russets, at least until I pulled one out of the bag. That scalloped potato casserole that made four servings last week? Used one potato. I have a baked potato for lunch today; if you don't see me moving at all this afternoon, that may be why.

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