Friday, June 15, 2012

Company Girls Coffee 061512

Not my actual patio, though my umbrella
 is green and I do have a pretty brick wall
and the table set!
Good Morning! The sun is out, the temperatures are mild and I only have to work a half day. Can't get much better than that.

Quiet week. This 90 Day Bible read-through is tough - it's a fair chunk each day, and while I'm a quick reader, it still takes a solid forty minutes or more. There is some catch up to be done this weekend.

But first, some planting. A trip to the garden center is in order. I am waaaaay behind, but the urns need another layer of dirt, and the dirt will need flowers. In the spirit of my being able to keep them alive, I'm planning on geraniums all around, with a wild bet on a pansy for the one hook that's on the patio wall.

Once the planting is done, the entire patio, urns, outdoor rug, patio furniture and umbrella all need a good hosing down. In spite of the nice cover, the furniture managed to collect a layer of dirt/dust over the winter.

After everything dries, I'll have a wonderful place to sit with a glass of lemonade to work on catching up on my ninety day plan.

That is, if I can dive into the as-yet-not-unpacked-because-I-have-no-china-hutch dish pack box and find my pitcher, in which to make the lemonade.

Sigh. It never ends, does it?


secondofwett said...

Sounds like have a busy but lovely wknd planned! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Have a wonderful wknd!

Joy Foucault said...

Do I need to come over there and organze you? :)

Diane said...

LOL, Joy. I need to figure out what I want for a hutch (or if I want to sell the china) and bite the bullet and go buy it. But I need to have the floors done first, so I don't have to move the hutch when the laminate goes in.

It's all connected...flooring in the fall will start everything.