Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wherein I cannot catch a break, redux

It has been such a nice weekend. The dryer guy finished repairing my dryer last night, and as a bonus, found the little button that had popped off the washer several years ago. A friend and I went on a shopping excursion, then out to dinner. This morning, I took myself out to coffee and got the wi-fi working on the ipod touch. Nice day.

A couple sets of sheets were drying when I went downstairs to take the rugs out of the washing machine, hang them on the line and throw in a load of work clothes to wash. Hung the rugs, filled the washer part way, put in the clothes...and realized that the dryer had just...stopped.

I finished loading the clothes, put down the lid of the washer and pulled out the knob to start it, intending then to go look at the dryer. The washer...didn't start.

When the electricians were here before Christmas, Pete mumbled something about their putting a surge protection feature on the washer/dryer circuit. From what I can tell, it appears that's what happened. Thanks to very sloppy and misleading labeling by the electricians, and a circuit board that doesn't show any tripped circuits, I can't tell exactly how to fix the thing.

Not pleased.

Pete, of course, is not home. I've left a message on their home phone; I have the cell phone number, but it's fruitless to call. If they don't return my call in the next two hours, I'm planning on putting my laundry in their appliances and finishing up. While I have clean underwear, pretty much everything else needs to be washed.

I can't get out of here soon enough.

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