Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday, Pam and I celebrated a late combined Christmas/my birthday. This is the picture from the birthday card she gave me; it seems to represent us quite well. I'll leave it up to you to decide which of us is the girl sticking out her tongue.

Do you ever look at your friends and wonder how you got so lucky? I do. An introvert to the core, it takes me forever to warm up to a person, and I rarely do the initiating in a relationship. I'm happy with my own company; it's only when someone breaks through the reserve that I realize I can be just as happy, if not more so, in someone else's company as well.

Having a family that is less than supportive, it's very comforting to know there are friends who will stick with me no matter what.

Aside from the emotional, spiritual and physical support, it seems I've also been blessed with friends who can cook: Grace sent me home last Sunday with homemade soup, bread and cookies that made me smile as I had them for lunch on Monday, and Pam sent me home with lasagna leftovers that are heating right now for dinner.

So, for all my friends, real life and on line, thank you.

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