Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brain whirl

For the last week or so, my mind has been running off here and there, never settling down enough to post. So tonight will be a quick drive-by, with bits and pieces of the last several days.

The wake for my uncle Friday night was...interesting. I was vividly reminded of the the reasons my family drives me nuts; at the same time, it was nice to see everyone, in spite of the circumstances.

My Christmas decorations are down, but not yet put away. Every time I'm made a serious effort to do so, something else has come up. Er...I may not have made many serious efforts, if the truth is told. Maybe this weekend.

My promotion is being officially announced at our staff meeting tomorrow. I've not said anything to anyone at work about it; it will be interesting to judge some of the reactions (and thus the efficiency of the office rumor mill, of which I'm not a part). I'm anticipating the whining about my old duties being parceled out to others will start within ten minutes of the end of the meeting.

I need to be at Panera at 6 a.m. tomorrow to pick up bagels for my birthday treat. Not settled enough to bake. But it means getting up by quarter to five at the latest.

Sunday late afternoon I spent some time with a friend, who sent me home with homemade soup, bread and chocolate chip cookies. I smiled all through lunch on Monday.

Made meatballs last night to freeze for lunches. Two pounds of ground beef = 56 small meatballs, at 4 per container = 14 lunches. Not bad. May I mention again that I love the new stock pot?

This Thursday starts a new Bible study. Saturday afternoon/evening a friend and I are celebrating Christmas and my birthday. The Christmas decorations WILL be put away Sunday afternoon. I'm not telling anyone, but Monday is MLK, Jr. Day, and it's a holiday for me.

Shhh...I intend to keep that day for myself.

The new Keepsake Quilting catalogue has four quilt kits I'd dearly love to make, in spite of having six seven tops already sitting here, still in need of quilting, as well as a stash that hasn't been reduced much over the last four years.

Maybe I'd better spend Monday quilting.

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