Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The Big Public Wannabe A High-class Research College across town canceled classes scheduled after 1 p.m. They are mainly a commuter college, with student cars parked in satellite lots far from campus. Because our precipitation was a rain/snow mix, and students never brush their cars off completely, the administration there is concerned that students may be frozen out of their cars due to the rapidly falling temperatures and rapidly rising winds.


Personally, I think the embarrassment of losing to our Golden Eagles last night - for the thirty-seventh consecutive time - finally got to them, and they want to hide for a while.

We, naturally, are still open. Our students are gamely trudging across campus in 21 mph winds, with windchills well south of twenty degrees and dropping.

We're not just tough on the basketball court.

Update, 3:07 p.m.: We may be tough, but we aren't stupid. With forecast sustained winds of 35 - 40 mph, we are canceling evening classes. I plan to go home, heat up some soup and hide under a quilt or four.

Call me when it's spring.

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